A Time of Goodbyes

A Time for Goodbyes – the sequel to ‘The Turn of the Wheel’

It’s time to announce another novel! I am very pleased to announce the sequel to ‘The Turn of the Wheel’, entitled ‘A Time of Goodbyes’.

The story of Owain Thomas and his family continues forward. It begins with a full house; Owain and Ceri, baby Dafydd, Mam, Owain’s sister, Myfanwy and Ceri’s twin brother, Gwilym. The time is one of great change, as the mines begin to struggle against cheaper imports from the New World. Mines begin to close and the hinterlands of North Ceredigion experience social change.

As time passes, Owain sees the comings and goings of key people in his life. Main players depart, but new ones arrive to fill the void. Owain has to face challenges, both professionally and personally, that challenge his integrity and his virtue. Will he choose the right path?

This is book 2 of 3 and due to be released at the end of November 2021, priced at £9.49. The third novel ‘A Light in the Darkness’, is scheduled for release in 2022, which deals with the final years of Frongoch, the troubled times with the new owners and the sorry conflict with the imported Italian workforce.

Fans of Dafydd Thomas, will find that the timeline for ‘A Time for Goodbyes’ begins to overlap Dafydd’s tale in ‘By the Banks of the Rheidol’ – albeit seen through the eyes of his father.

More updates soon!

By Geraint Roberts

Stuck in a limbo and desperate to do something meaningful, what to do? That is where writing began for me. A creative way of expressing myself and a chance to harness my wondering imagination. I close my eyes and I'm there. Wish I'd picked 'there' as a warm sunny day on a sandy beach, with the waves gently lapping on the shore...but I have to let the story load in my mind, then watch it unfold, wherever it may be. Currently I'm on a windy bridge, or a Devon beach, or a Cornish ti mine, or a submarine, or looking towards a Hebridean port...

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