Forest Brothers

Back in Tallinn (Apologies for punctuation – an Estonian keyboard that I am not used to!)

I am over in Estonia on a short visit. It is nice to see the old wooden buildings as we drive past. It is a shame some never seem to get restored, it is structures like that and the really beautiful medieval centre that makes Tallinn. Dodging trams and trolleybuses and generally german made cars, we finally reach our destination. It feels good to be back.

This week, I am going to donate a book to the Tallinn airport library. this is a scheme where travellers can sort of borrow a book. Perhaps even leave one in return. It promotes reading, always a good thing.

I think reading fiction is great, just to get away from the stresses and strains of daily life. Writing fiction is even better for me. My own little stories come to life in my mind and slowly they develope into something larger. At present, I am working on the journey of Märt the baker, prior to the novel Forest Brothers. Some of this story is hinted at in the current novel, but it has been great finding out the rest. My good friend, the author Rod Duncan once told me never to let the characters write the story for you. It sounds a bit loopy, but it does make sense. You stand back and watch the scene in your mind. ok, you metaphorically stand back… Some times the scene does not work out the way you expect. Maybe it is a logical progression. I dearly hope it is not the case of voices in ones head!

Anyway, there may be a feature on this airport visit somewhere in the future and I will post it when and if.. Then during the week, I hope to meet a historian who will tell me a bit about the events around 1941. Accuracy for the historical background is key to me and writing about a time which has little reference in the English language makes it harder. I hope to visit Kautla to smell the ozone. I hope to visit some museums to understand the link with Finland. i hope to finally meet the local rugby coach finally, even if that has no relevance to the story! I also hope to engage with my family, even if my Estonian language skills are still appalling. I have found an online language course, via the Estonian World website. Maybe this should be the next project! Only 16 cases in the language. A doddle after Welsh, you would think. Hmmm….

Do not forget to use the airport library next time you are in Tallinn Airport!

By Geraint Roberts

Stuck in a limbo and desperate to do something meaningful, what to do? That is where writing began for me. A creative way of expressing myself and a chance to harness my wondering imagination. I close my eyes and I'm there. Wish I'd picked 'there' as a warm sunny day on a sandy beach, with the waves gently lapping on the shore...but I have to let the story load in my mind, then watch it unfold, wherever it may be. Currently I'm on a windy bridge, or a Devon beach, or a Cornish ti mine, or a submarine, or looking towards a Hebridean port...

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