By the Banks of the Rheidol

By the Banks of the Rheidol: Modern day images

Following on from my post of images from key scenes of the novel Turn of the Wheel, I have produced a similar piee for By the Banks of the Rheidol. These are the actual places that inspired parts of the plot. Firstly, this is Aberystwyth, as seen from the South. Tanybwlch beach is in the […]

The Long Way Home

Finnish Boys: Who to fight for? Who to fight?

People of my generation in Europe cannot appreciate the full emotions of all-out war. The constant pressure of conflict. The stresses of attacks without warning and not knowing the status of loved ones, who may have been posted away to places unknown. The pressures of an economy totally focussed on war and rationing of food […]


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The latest wave of the pandemic is easing and hopefully, the vaccine program has helped reduce the caseload of hospitals, so that they are no longer in danger of being over capacity. We all must hope this is the turning point and that the virus will, at the very least, become less of a threat […]