My lovely editor-to-be passed me back the manuscript of Forest Brothers last week, corrected, amended and with suggestions. I spent a hard week reworking it and spent some time correcting the piece, taking the opportunity to correct some Estonian spellings and a few character name tweaks.

One of the main issues has been working with characters whose mother tongue does not use the words ‘the’ and ‘a’. I have omitted them from dialogue to add to the Baltic flavour of it all. However, as I have spent my whole life using the words, it is so hard to train the brain to get rid of them!

I have added a few suggestions for changes. Some are necessary. For example, one early scene sees the protagonist be dropped off by a submarine. Having now personally clambered just about all over the said beast in the Tallinn Lennusadam, I can definitely confirm there is no deck gun. Thus a rewrite beckons…

It is all part of a journey that I am still enjoying, but I need to start thinking of marketing soon! That will be interesting. Haven’t done much in the past, but I do have many people around me who have. I’ll be buying a few beers in the near future!!

Forest Brothers still on track for end November as an e-book and April possibly as a paperback. Yay!