Hello and sorry for the long delay. December was a blur, I had a chest infection before Christmas and a heavy cold for the rest of the year. Good times!

The book has progressed through another edit. The delay is that after each edit, we do another read through – or at least if there are significant changes.

Kay in Circaidy Gregory had a few queries about one or two paragraphs. We then had some queries about certain topics together with Alex, who is preparing the text for e-book. they ranged from the name of the superstructure of a speedboat to the correct reference for a nonconformist preacher/parson/priest/minister. Then I had to tweak a passage about a Soviet navy boat to make myself happy (there was also dialogue over whether it is ‘Soviet navy’, ‘Soviet Navy’ or ‘soviet navy’)

Now we are past that, I’m on one last read through and then we should be there for publishing. I have organised a book launch in Aberystwyth on 14th March. I am also talking about a possible event in Leicester in early March and one in London in April/May. This year may be busy!

I was hoping  to run another question/answer session next, so if you have any questions, do send them in.