My thanks to my lifelong friend, Dr Paul Brooksby, who felt inspired to donate a copy of Forest Brothers to the Shetland Bus museum in Scalloway. I don’t know what they made of it!

The Norwegian  navy were based in Shetland during the war and launched resiatnace operations to Nazi-occupied Norway. Their exploits are legendary and I was glad of the opportunity to feature them in the novel. Having sailed across the North Sea from Shetland to Bergen in a 33 ft yacht, even in summer, the journey is ‘busy’!

I am hoping to write a sequel in the future. If so, it would have to start in those magical lands. Yes, i know – Shetland… North sea meets Atlantic ocean. No trees. Windy. Brrrrr. Take it from me, the islands are a mainly unspoilt beauty, whether it be warmed by the glow of the Northern Lights in winter or basking in the dusky glow of the midnight sunset in summer.

I was best man in the Shetland wedding of the Brooksbys and I have always felt welcome there. I delivered part of my best man’s speech in Shetlandic and always felt a link with ‘da isles’To me, it’s  one of those special places that you discover as you pass along life’s journey. so many thanks, Dr B!