Last Monday, I popped into Talinn Airport to donate a copy of Forest Brothers. The facebook link is above!

The idea is travellers can pick up (or donate) a copy of a book to the library as they pass through. They have set aside a nice area, surrounded by bookshelves (naturally!) and furnished with some very comfortable armchairs. It really feels like an oasis of calm and I heartily recommend it!

The article is only in Estonian, for those not blessed with the language, it talks about my idea of Wales and Estonia being similar in some ways – although one is a nation and the other believes it is a nation!

Both have a love and pride in their language, music, arts and song. Both have big noisy neighbours!

It goes on to say I am going to Saaremaa to research my next book. Not strictly true. I went to Saaremaa to find a nice quiet sandy beach and a cold, dark beer. My research is taking me to Kautla next. More later…