One of the real eye-openers to this whole journey was just how many changes were needed. It’s not being too sloppy, but I know the story, I know the words. I can only edit in short bursts before my mind takes over and runs some videotape of a movie of the event. Estonia comes alive for me!

We are at the last hurdle and whilst the e-book has been delayed to January, the book launch has been given a date!

The ISBN details are:

Ebook: ISBN 978-1-906451-77-6

paperback: ISBN 978-1-906451-69-1

The book launch is scheduled for Thursday March 14th at 6.30pm at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre bookshop.

There may yet be an opportunity to do something in England, but if anyone wants me to come and do a presentation, drop me a line!

More to follow!