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Forest Brothers gets to final edit and more news

Nearing the final lap. I have now submitted my final draft to the editor for her to add her own tweaks. The story feels really good now and has benefited so much from last summer’s trip across to Estonia and the chance to visit places and generally ‘feel’ the land. To me, if you are using real places in a novel, you have to go there and soak up the atmosphere and look for unique features. I came back from my last trip to Eesti with about 50 notes of observations to think about!

E-book still on for December. We have thought about trying to bring forward the paperback to the end of February. World Book day is on 7th March and there is an outside chance of an event at a library which could allow me to ‘showcase’ the novel.

Now is the start of things that I had only dreamed of doing in the past. Acknowledgements  forewords, blurbs, covers and marketing. Marketing is a dark art to me, but thankfully with the lovely marketing team at my current employ and advice from two novelist friends, I have a start.

It’s a fallacy that books are just published and the writer sits back to let the ‘machine’ organise the marketing. Others have pointed out you have to do most of the hoof-work yourself – and with a small press, you are selling the book as much as the Press! I have spoken to the shop in Aberystwyth who is interested in doing a book-launch and they have offered to send out flyers in their regular promo mailshots. All I need is to design one… I have also made initial enquiries as to whether the local college may have students interested in collaborating on a ‘youtube trailer’…

In view of the need for marketing, I set up the website. Part of the reason was to chart my progress. If it helps someone on a similar journey, great! Part of the reason was to keep the project in people’s minds. Part of it is just to let off steam!

I have now also set up a facebook page –

The reason for this is to reach those who don’t do blogs and also to get news to those who do want it on a regular basis! If you haven’t already, please join. Feel free to send the link for the fb page or this website to anyone who you think may be interested.

Next post is another Q&A, so if there’s any questions you fancy answering that are before the 9 o’clock watershed, please let me know!

Forest Brothers gets closer to publication

Following a meeting with the Kay, the editor of Circaidy Gregory Press, I can say we are hurtling along at a pace in getting the e-book ready for Christmas. I am on my final edit. the one with the fine toothcomb and the realisation:  no matter how many reads you do, you are so close to your own work that things still fall out at these late hours!

I have been in touch with the manager of a city library, who was possibly looking for someone to showcase their work on World Book Day. In the hope that this may come off, we are looking to steer the Forest Brothers paperback for release at this time – March 2013. So, the clock has been brought forward and is ticking away quite happily!

Strangely enough, I still enjoy reading the work and sometimes pause to play a scene in my head. Then I remember I have to pay particular attention to my prose – in particular the ‘Estonian’ dialogue. It’s back to the grindstone then!

Susan Moss (author of ‘Bother in Burmeon’) has given me some excellent tips on Marketing. I know need to knock on the door of the local college and see if someone wants to take on a youtube film ‘trailer’ clip, as a project!

I have also been invited to join the Grassroutes project in Leicester. The spiel is thus:

Grassroutes promotes public knowledge of Leicestershire’s diverse literary cultures. The project surveys high-quality transcultural writing by Leicestershire-based writers from 1980 to the present. It fosters local, national and international appreciation – as well as critical recognition – for this writing. Grassroutes supports the efforts of independent publishers and literature development agencies to inspire public engagement with the diverse writing cultures of multi-racial Britain.

The current blog is linked below:

And yes, I do qualify. In the 1980’s –  I was a Leicester fox! More recently, I have been active in the wonderful Leicester Writers Club for a lot of this century.

The Welsh novel is still being worked on. I have heard nothing about publishing, bar the organisers sending me the judge’s critique. In it, Catrin Collier wrote ‘You certainly have talent and must persevere with your writing’ and also ‘Your work is far too good to fall at the first hurdle’ in her Judge’s summation. It goes on to say the work has been forwarded to a publisher for consideration. I must admit in the awards ceremony, she did say ‘guaranteed e-publication’, which would be nice. I think I should not count my chickens yet, but keep working on the script – just in case.

One of my good friends is going to read through it for me. This is  a very handy second opinion and can change the direction of a novel at times. As proven with the sterling work done by Steve Hughes and Helena Castro in Forest Brothers, so many moons ago.